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Aeon Mining with aeon-stak-cpu on Centos 7

Written by CC Freak on October 20, 2017

Aeon-stak-cpu allows you to mine Aeon via your CPU. This article will show you how to setup aeon-stak-cpu on Centos 7.

Release with phi and hsr algorithms. Built with Cuda 7.5 and 9. Import and optimise phi algo from LuxCoin repository Import and clean the hsr algo (x13 + custom hash) Improve sib algo too for maxwell and pascal cards Small fix to handle more than…

Mining Aeon on your Windows 10 computer using your GPU is easy with CCMiner 2.2.2. 

Recently I have been interested in Aeon so I have started to throw some hashing power behind it to accumulate coins. This guide will use aeon-stak-amd with prebuilt Windows binaries from this thread on Bitcoin Talk. I have also uploaded the binaries to my site in…

How To Setup xmr-node-proxy on Ubuntu 16.04

Written by CC Freak on September 30, 2017

xmr-node-proxy allows you to merge multiple Monero mining rigs into one, which helps lower the load on pools, reduces bandwidth used and allows you to use a lower difficulty setting. When using a proxy, the mining pool that you connect to see only one miner. 

Update: Please read this thread before considering Bitcoin Gold: Here is why Bitcoingold is shady and a scam you should dump it as soon as you get it, never buy it! CoinDesk has an article discussing the upcoming Bitcoin Gold, which is expected to take place…

SecureList, a Kaspersky owned website, recently published a report stating that up to 1.65 Million computers may be unknowingly mining cryptocurrencies. According to SecureList, the most popular methods of deploying the miners is via known exploits such as EternalBlue and also by Adware. The most…

SimpleMining OS: How To Enable Logging

Written by CC Freak on September 15, 2017

I recently started using SimpleMining OS and was perplexed when I went into the /var/log/ folder to find it mostly devoid of any of the usual linux log files. Specifically, I wanted to tail /var/log/messages but this file was not being created.

XFX RX 550 4GB Monero Mining with xmr-stak-amd

Written by CC Freak on September 13, 2017

I recently found the XFX RX 550 4GB model for sale for just $109 shipped via Amazon and couldn’t resist the price tag. I was reading people getting around 300 h/s with the cards and that works out to around 2.75 hashrate per dollar spent….

How To Run Your Own Monero Node On Linux

Written by CC Freak on September 9, 2017

Running a Monero node is pretty straight forward. This article will use Centos 7 but the instructions will be the same for any other flavor of Linux that Monero supports. cd /usr/local/src/ yum -y install wget wget tar -xjvf monero-linux-x64-v0.11.0.0.tar.bz2 cd monero-v0.11.0.0 ./monerod -detach…