Potcoin Wallet Not Syncing Solution

Edit: I no longer hold Potcoin due to lack of developer interest in maintaining a quality coin. The nodes that I have run have now been shut down. See this for more help:  https://www.reddit.com/r/potcoin/comments/75xpmi/cant_access_wallet_because_wallets_not_syncing_at/

As it sits now, when you download the Potcoin Wallet it will not sync. This seems to be an issue with the Potcoin peers.dat file that is installed with the Wallet. To get around this you can either update the peers.dat file itself or use the console to manually add nodes.

I run three Potcoin Nodes and they will remain up 24/7/365. So I will walk you through adding my nodes to your Wallet via the console. This is on a Windows machine but it should work with any wallet console.

Open your Wallet and then go to Help > Debug window.

In the Debug window click the Console tab and then enter the following commands, one at a time pressing enter after each:

  • addnode add
  • addnode add
  • addnode add

It will look like this before and after:


After a few minutes your Potcoin Wallet should begin syncing with the rest of the nodes. If you found this helpful, consider a donation!