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If you are feeling generous and want to run a full node for Vertcoin the process is pretty straight forward. I will be using a new Linode instance running Ubuntu 16.04. The smallest Linode is plenty powerful to handle a full node.

tpruvot has released a new version of CCMiner with support for Cuda 9 Release Candidate. You can view what is new with Cuda 9 RC here. My initial testing with Monero mining does not show a noticeable increase from 2.2 to 2.2.1. You can download…

This morning I woke up to my xmr-stak-cpu application file missing and Windows Defender had alerted to me that they flagged it as a virus. This is irritating but something I kind of expected would happen at some point. The solution is simple:

Edit: This article is now outdated. Please use this article instead: Guide To Mining Monero On Windows 10. Mining Monero on Windows 10 is as easy as downloading a zip file, extracting it and then editing one configuration file.

Lots of major retailers have accepted bitcoin for some time now while other alt coins have not seen much love. As I am investing and mining into Monero right now I wanted a way to easily make a purchase with my Monero without going to…

Monero GUI Wallet Slow Syncing Fix

Written by CC Freak on August 23, 2017

If your Monero GUI Wallet is taking a long time to sync there is a trick that will eventually be fixed in a future version.

I wrote a few weeks ago about my frustration with the quality of subreddits in the Crypto Currency area. Today was my breaking point for at least one of them. /r/litecoin has become nothing more than useless memes and useless posts that reference the cryptocurrency going…

This article will show you how to install and run xmr-stak-cpu on Ubuntu 16.04. In this case, we are using a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 install on a VPS., however, any fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04 should behave the same., a self described machine-based investing platform and infrastructure for crypto-assets, has been reportedly been hacked. Their website, slack account and email newsletter accounts have been compromised by an unknown entity. A fake pre-sale page was uploaded with BTC and ETH addresses to send money….

Mining on your Windows 10 computer using your GPU is easy with CCMiner 2.2. I currently have a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti and get around 200 h/s a second with it. Here is how to get started.