Croat – The Little Political Cryptocurrency Coin That Could

I have been following Croat for a long time now and have been impressed by how fast the coin has moved and the quality of software that they have put out.

I created a quick guide on Croat awhile back if you want to get a quick look at it. Since that guide a few more cool things have happened that I thought I would highlight.  Continue reading “Croat – The Little Political Cryptocurrency Coin That Could”

How To Start XMRStak When Your Computer Is Idle on Windows 10

My main desktop is a AMD Threadripper 1950x and a Vega 64 so when I am not using it for gaming or for work I want it to be mining coins. The problem is that sometimes I forget to start XMRStak after a long day of work or late night gaming. This means missed coins and that makes me unhappy.

So I decided to do some research and setup XMRStak so that after a set amount of idle time, XMRStak would fire up and start working for me all on its own. Continue reading “How To Start XMRStak When Your Computer Is Idle on Windows 10”

Robinhood Cryptocurrency Support Raises Concerns

Robinhood has announced that they will allow zero fee Bitcoin and Ethereum (more coins to be added later) trading with the Robinhood app. Robinhood is a very popular stock trading app that allows zero fee stock trading and instant funding of your Robinhood account for up to $1,000.

While it is always nice to see a company like Robinhood offer easy access to Cryptocurrencies, this move comes with some red flags. Continue reading “Robinhood Cryptocurrency Support Raises Concerns”