Monero Mining with xmr-stak-nvidia on Centos 7

This article will take a look at mining Monero with xmr-stak-nvidia. This article assumes that you have successfully installed your Nvidia drivers and Cuda.

yum -y install epel-release
yum -y install centos-release-scl cmake3 hwloc-devel libmicrohttpd-devel openssl-devel git screen nano
yum -y install devtoolset-4-gcc*
scl enable devtoolset-4 bash
git clone
cd xmr-stak-nvidia
cmake3 .
make install

After make install runs you will need to change directories:

cd bin/

Now run xmr-stak-nvidia and it will provide you with what it thinks are optimal settings for your configuration.



"gpu_threads_conf" : 

with what is displayed and from there you can adjust to find your optimal settings.

The other section you will need to edit is your pool information which you can change like below, making sure to change your address and preferred pool.

"pool_address" : "",
"wallet_address" : "46dpA9N1KDE9yERcSGASXPUyA4ga1GrPq5sDXqwwjQL2dAmf5kvgpNQUWdvyT1r55pfwfvuBn2h7YQPhZFYdWtjWUVUTobh",
"pool_password" : "x",

After you have the config.txt edited correctly simply run xmr-stak-nvidia to start mining.


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