So Long /r/litecoin, Thanks For The Lack of Memories

I wrote a few weeks ago about my frustration with the quality of subreddits in the Crypto Currency area. Today was my breaking point for at least one of them. /r/litecoin has become nothing more than useless memes and useless posts that reference the cryptocurrency going to the moon or how someone is Hodling. There is very little of substance to be seen in the community and they allow people like mastertrader777 come in and pollute the subreddit with his pump and dump crap.

Today the price moved up around $10 or so and instead of thoughtful discussions about what was happening instead my home page was filled with shit posts referenced above. The moderators don’t seem to care about increasing the quality of the subreddit so I’ve decided to move on.

Best of luck to those who care about the coin and stick around to filter past the trash.

The Immaturity of Cryptocurrency Communities

Reddit is about the best place you can go to right now if you are interested in Cryptocurrency. If you have a coin you are interested in, chances are there is a subreddit dedicated to that coin where you can subscribe and ask questions.

The problem with a lot of these subreddits is the immaturity of the overall member base that submits content. I spend a lot of time in /new/ down voting pump and dump style posts, immature meme and misspellings trying to be cute (what the hell is this HODL shit anyways?) Continue reading “The Immaturity of Cryptocurrency Communities”