7 Promising Altcoins You Should Consider in 2018

Before you consider getting into the cryptocurrency market, you should familiarize yourself with the method of evaluating an asset’s intrinsic value. Fundamental analysis is a necessary precursor to investing for any intelligent and responsible individual. Before buying an alt-coin with a comparatively small market cap but significant perceived and potential value, you must do your homework. Continue reading “7 Promising Altcoins You Should Consider in 2018”

Avoid Coinbase Fees By Using GDAX To Withdraw

Coinbase fees can be high. If you withdraw your coins from Coinbase directly you will be charged a network transfer fee for your withdrawal. Currently, for Bitcoin, this can be a very high fee due to how congested the BTC network is. This guide will show you how to use GDAX to completely avoid paying this network transfer fee. If you have never used Coinbase before, check out my article here on how to get started: How To Buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum. Continue reading “Avoid Coinbase Fees By Using GDAX To Withdraw”

How To Buy Monero

Buying Monero isn’t quite as simple as buying Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum but it isn’t complicated either. This article will be a quick guide on buying your first Monero. The way described below may not be the cheapest way but it will be the simplest way to currently go from your fiat currency to Monero if you have access to CoinBase. Continue reading “How To Buy Monero”

How To Buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum

This cryptocurrency guide will show you how to quickly and safely get started with investing in Bitcoin, Bitcoin CashLitecoin, Ethereum or, if you wish, all three! This guide will use CoinBase to get you started with Cryptocurrency. CoinBase is a FDIC secured company located in San Francisco that also insures their Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum.  Continue reading “How To Buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum”

Bitcoin Gold: The Coin That Extends GPU Mining Life?

Update: Please read this thread before considering Bitcoin Gold: Here is why Bitcoingold is shady and a scam you should dump it as soon as you get it, never buy it!

CoinDesk has an article discussing the upcoming Bitcoin Gold, which is expected to take place on October 25th, 2017.

There could be as many as four cryptocurrencies bearing the bitcoin name if a small group of miners and developers carry out a planned fork of the blockchain this month.

Styled as a rebellion of sorts, bitcoin gold aims to follow a similar launch plan as bitcoin cash – the blockchain that split from bitcoin this summer by way of a “hard fork.” The idea of the project is to release an improved protocol, one that will challenge bitcoin cash in particular, and details are now starting to come come into focus.

Led by Jack Liao, CEO of Hong Kong mining firm LightningASIC, bitcoin gold is slated to launch on October 25, with its cryptocurrency being opened to exchanges on November 1.

Unlike the Bitcoin Cash hard fork which still uses the same SHA-256 algorithm, Bitcoin Gold aims to move to Equihash, an ASIC resistance algorithm  highly optimized for GPU mining. Equihash is used by the popular coin Zcash.  Continue reading “Bitcoin Gold: The Coin That Extends GPU Mining Life?”

So Long /r/litecoin, Thanks For The Lack of Memories

I wrote a few weeks ago about my frustration with the quality of subreddits in the Crypto Currency area. Today was my breaking point for at least one of them. /r/litecoin has become nothing more than useless memes and useless posts that reference the cryptocurrency going to the moon or how someone is Hodling. There is very little of substance to be seen in the community and they allow people like mastertrader777 come in and pollute the subreddit with his pump and dump crap.

Today the price moved up around $10 or so and instead of thoughtful discussions about what was happening instead my home page was filled with shit posts referenced above. The moderators don’t seem to care about increasing the quality of the subreddit so I’ve decided to move on.

Best of luck to those who care about the coin and stick around to filter past the trash.