Enigma Hacked: Website, Slack & Newsletter Services Compromised

Enigma.co, a self described machine-based investing platform and infrastructure for crypto-assets, has been reportedly been hacked. Their website, slack account and email newsletter accounts have been compromised by an unknown entity. A fake pre-sale page was uploaded with BTC and ETH addresses to send money. Their newsletter and slack accounts have also been spamming these addresses for pre-sale coins. Etherscan has already flagged the address as compromised but the damage to some people has already been done.

One of the hacked messages:

and another:

The site is now down:

The hack comes only a few days after Enigma posted this article on how to stay safe in a token sale. (It appears they have now deleted the article. See screenshots below).

As we work hard to build the future of data and crypto trading and investing, we want to take a few moments to talk about safety. Due to our strong growth, our community has become a target. The worst elements of the crypto scene — scammers and phishers — are attracted to good projects and good communities.

Unfortunately they failed their current and potential investors as their own advice was used against them to scam potential investors. Anyone visiting the official domain name would have seen the compromised pre-sale page and would have trusted that the Enigma team were the ones that published the page.

As of this posting nearly $500 thousand USD has been collected from the hack.

Edit: The site is now back up with a warning